nextbike - перша система громадського велопрокату в Україні

How it works

Registration is free

You have to be registered user before start using the system

You can register in one the following ways:

  • visit "Sign up" page on our site
  • use nextbike application for your smartphone
  • call our free hotline 0 800 21 1980
  • or use terminal on our rental station

Register once and you can use all nextbike systems worldwide!

How to rent a bike

You can rent a bike by terminal or app. You have to enter your ID your PIN and bike number. Wait till system unlock choosen bike. Better buy season subscription. Tariffs are cheaper

How to return the bike

The bikes must be returned to an official nextbike ukraine station.

  • Insert the bike into the docking point until it is fixed.
  • An audible tone and light indicates successful return, please physically check your bike is locked in place before leaving station.
  • In the event of a problem when docking the bike, please contact the hotline.
  • If the docking station is full, use a nearby station. If this is not possible, lock the bike next to the station with the extra lock and confirm the return via the app or by calling the hotline.