nextbike - перша система громадського велопрокату в Україні

More than 100 cities around the World

Nextbike public bicycle sharing system works over 100 cities, in 23 countries, on 4 continents. Nextbike operates over 35 000 bicycles in in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Dubai (UAE), Hungary, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.

In 2015/2016 Lviv became first city in Ukraine, where PBSS lauched.

It's easy

Register once and you can use all nextbike systems worldwide! You can rent and return bicycles with a mobile application for smart phones, terminals on stations, or via hotline. Buy a seasonal subscription to enjoy cheaper rates.

This convenient and environmentally

Nextbike fully automated bicycle rental system. All our bikes available 24/7/. Nextbike system is a complement to public transport, we offer an alternative, eco-friendly form of public transport without CO2 emissions and no congestion in the transport stream.