all tariffs at a glance

Attention! For companies from 10 people there are additional discounts on the purchase of monthly and seasonal tickets. Please send us requests for company tickets order to our mailbox

Attention! Till 24.04.2020 you can order seasonal tickets with good discount.

Basic rate
UAH 30 /30 min

max. 300UAH / day per rental

Monthly rate
UAH I'm on carantine /Be back after 24.04 calendar month

first 30 minutes per rental are free of charge

every additional 30 minutes - 30 UAH

max. 300UAH / day per rental

The registration is free of charge*. Before renting your first bike, we need to verify your payment method. You will be required to deposit a credit of 150 UAH which can be used in all fare types. You can change your preferred payment method at any time.

These tariffs  are valid only in Kyiv. In all other cities tariffs can be different.

WARNING! Returning of bikes outside special parking zones or stations inside or out side Kyiv city is prohibited. For each violation of the parking rules  client will be charged fine of 250 hryvnias or 1000 hryvnias if violation done out side Kyiv.

For a continuous use of a bicycle for more than 12 hours,  you'll be charged for 1000 hryvnias . If bicycle is not returned within 24 hours,  the user will be blocked in the system, and fine of 15 000 hryvnias is imposed. Next procedural actions will be proceeded.



* For registering via hotline a service charge of 30UAH applies. 

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Mobile apps for nextbike

Mobile apps for nextbike